Stocking Stuffer Guide for Kids

I always have so much fun picking out what’s going to go in the girls stockings each year! I’ve rounded up my favorites all from small shops! I hope you are able to find any last minute ideas below!


1. London Littles – I realize that boots may not be small enough to fit in your child’s stocking but they would look so cute sitting beside it or under the tree. To say my girls are obsessed with rain boots is an understatement. It’s honestly what they wear every single day. Why? They look cute with every outfit, they can put them on themselves, and they are perfect in rain, snow, and sunshine! They have the cutest prints for both boys and girls (the pink polka is my favorite) and are functional all year round, these London Littles boots would make the perfect gift for Christmas this year! Use code: tiny love for 15% off your order through the end of this year!

2. Baby Lit Books – These are the best books for introducing your little to classic literature. Our first Baby Lit book was Pride and Prejudice and I still remember reading to Adelyn when she was a baby hoping that someday she would read the actual classic and love it just as much as I do. Baby Lit makes has some of the best classics for Christmas including, The Nutcracker and The Christmas Carol, and would make the best stocking stuffers! Other favorites include, The Secret Garden, Alice & Wonderland, and Romeo and Juliet.

3. Bla Bla Kids – If the girls had any stuff animal that they are completely attached to it’s always been a Bla Bla animal. I don’t mind a bit because they make the cutest accessory on their bed and aren’t an eye sore like other stuff animals can be. Made by hand from Peru’s artisans and 100% cotton/made from natural fibers! I can’t get over how cute and unique each one is and they make the perfect stuffer to peak out from your child’s stocking this year!

4. Shop Bitte – I love, love, love cute curated small shops and Shop Bitte is one that I wish I could buy one of everything. The best thing about curated shops is that you are able to shop items that are made from many different shops and can find things for both boys and girls. These adorable wooden cameras come in many different colors and are the perfect size for your child’s stocking. Shop Bitte has many other stocking stuffer options on their site as well! Make sure to go take a look here!

5. Hide + Seek – Finding shades I love for the girls can be tricky until I found the company Hide + Seek. They carry the cutest frames and colors of sunglasses for both girls and boys! I love that they are reasonably priced and higher quality than most sunglasses for kids. I think sunglasses make the best stocking stuffers because they are something the girls wear all year round! AND these shades come in the best packaging with a zippered clear case and pom keychain attached! Perfect for sticking in your suitcase for your next trip!

6. Ryan & Wren – If the girls could choose what goes into their hair each day, it would be a Ryan & Wren clip. Why? Because they can snap it in themselves and they love picking out the color to match their outfit for the day. (the glitter ones are their fav) If you haven’t taken a peak at Ryan & Wren, you need to. SO many choices of colors all made with leather in the perfect shape and size to keep those bangs pulled back! Choose a set of 5 to make the cutest stocking filler this year for your little girl!

7. Gemma & Filo – Adelyn wore a Gemma & Filo necklace with her mermaid outfit on her 4th birthday, and since then we have been just in love with everything that Gemma & Filo makes. From the gorgeous and unique tassel necklaces, to the delicate and dainty charm necklaces, I know the girls would love to have one of each. What makes Gemma & Filo stand out from just any other children’s jewelry shop is the quality (can’t be broken easily), how the tassel necklaces have a magnetic clasp to make it easy for kids to put on themselves, and the style of each piece. Gemma & Filo is currently closed for Christmas but you can use the code: hellotinylove for 20% off when they reopen to snag all and any piece of jewelry you made have had your eye on for your little girl!

8. Petit Collage – Adelyn & Emery are really into puzzles right now and Petit Collage makes the most adorable ones for both girls and boys. Butterflies, mermaids, bunnies, and princesses are just a few that they have. They come in many different sizes and the illustrations on the puzzles that make it fun for your little to put together! I absolutely love the ones that come in the metal tins that can be then used as a piggy bank as well!

9. June & January – The words affordable and cute are like music to every mother’s ears when it comes to clothing. That is exactly what June & January is. I am LOVING their new pjs and think they would make the most festive pajamas to wear not only at Christmas but truly all year round. I like sticking a pair of pjs in the girls stockings each year and plan on putting in a pair from J&J!

10. Tubby Todd – I have been using Tubby Todd’s lotion, bubble bath and shampoo, on the girls for a couple years and we are HUGE fans. The dream cream has helped Emery’s skin so much and we can’t get enough of every single scent they release. I am also a sucker for good packaging and love seeing what Tubby Todd comes up with next on pretty/fun packaging on every product! Definitely a great stocking stuffer for all! (Even adults)

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