My 2015 Favorites

Wrapping up the 2015 favorite series with my own personal favorites. These are all things I own, use, and have loved finding this year. Hands down my favorite on the list are my Lily Jade bags. I own the Madeline in brandy and the Meggan in black and use one or the other daily. I like to keep each one packed and ready so I have option to carry a brown or black bag based upon what I am wearing that day. The Lily Jade diaper bags have so many great details about them including a detachable, washable, baby bag organizer and the option of a back pack carry so I can have my hands free. I will be posting my full review of my Lily Jade bags later this month but I can guarantee you will love the Lily Jade bag as much as I do.

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What were some of your favorites from 2015? Share below!


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