Mama on the Go: Coffee Shop

The last couple of weeks have been nothing but clouds and rain, so we have had to limit our mama and me outings mainly to a local coffee shop. It really is a win-win situation, though. Adelyn has been obsessed lately with having “tea parties” and I get to drink my coffee in a place where I can unwind a bit. Which basically means I don’t have to worry about picking up the house or putting a load of laundry in, and I get to sip coffee while listening to cool coffee jams and watching the girls play tea party with their water.

If you are a new follower, every month I share a Mama on the Go post where I feature ideas of places to go and things to do with your children. While also encouraging mamas and sharing the importance of getting out of the house with your kids, I highlight a clothing and bag company that I love to wear/use on my outings with Adelyn and Emery.

This month, I am highlighting the clothing company Shabby Apple. Athelia LeSueur started the company Shabby Apple based on the following principles: “Because they are beautiful. Because they are powerful. Because they have unique distinctions. Because they can use that power and beauty to shape and change the world in individual ways. Because they have always contributed. Because I believe in women.”

I have been wearing Shabby Apple for more than a year now, and the quality and style of their clothing is always impeccable. I love that their clothing designs are truly one-of-a-kind and perfectly “mama approved,” yet stylish and fun to wear. This gorgeous Santana Maxi Dress I am wearing is the perfect summer staple which is not only comfortable but can easily be dressed up for a nice occasion.

Fawn Design is the bag I am featuring this month as the perfect mama on the go bag. I recently took this bag with me to the Caribbean and I came home loving it even more than when I left on my trip. Here is why–it is the perfect size for a diaper bag with the perfect number of pockets. I have found that when I use bags with larger or more pockets, I feel like I have to fill it to the brim and every pocket has to have something in it. When I do this, not only am I straining to carry it, but I also can’t find a thing in it … a bazillion pockets in a bag can only mean that I am pulling everything out of the diaper bag just to find where I put that chapstick.

I carried this well-designed Fawn Design backpack everywhere the last few months and it is has been so easy to carry and take with me everywhere. Since it isn’t one of those huge diaper bags, I only take exactly what I need on our outings and trips. When I open the bag, I know exactly where everything is, and for once in my life, my bag is actually neat and organized. Two side pockets are perfect for your sunnies and hand sanitizer, and the front pocket is perfect for your keys or cellphone. I am telling you, this bag is a dream come true. Not to mention, it’s so stylish – the grey and gold hardware seriously looks great with everything I wear, and it will never go out of style.

I never leave the house without a baby wrap, and my Solly Baby Wrap has been a favorite for the last year to carry my Emery. She just turned 13 months, and she still loves being wrapped when we go places. When we go places, I just make sure to have the wrap ready around me, so that all I have to do is put her in it when we get to our destination. I have loved wrapping her when we’re out and about–especially the last couple of months, because she is so busy that it helps keep her contained and calm. At the coffee shop, when she is wrapped she never fusses or tries to get down because she is so content in the wrap. She just sits in the wrap while we enjoy our drinks and I give her sips of a smoothie or water and bites of our muffin.

Even though it may not feel like it with all of the rain we’ve had lately, I know summer is just around the corner–so today, I also wanted to share our summer bucket list to give you some ideas for your summer bucket list!

2016 Summer Bucket List

Go to a Professional Baseball Game

Go Bowling

Camping at least twice

Blow lots of bubbles

Fly a kite

Make homemade lemonade

Have a water balloon fight

Go to a Drive-In Movie Theater

Go on a Hike

Make S’mores (At least 20 times J

Visit the butterfly pavilion

Go to the Apple Orchard

Cover the driveway in sidewalk chalk

Take a mama/me painting class

Join the library’s summer reading program

Make homemade ice-cream

Go to the Farmer’s market

Visit a Farm

Make a sand castle

Have a picnic in the park

Build a blanket fort

Family bike ride

Dance party at least once a day

Visit the splash pad

Go to the Carnival

I hope these give you some ideas for your list! Share below a few from your list or ones that I need to add!

Also, as a reminder, I always give away a prize package of something from every company I feature in the Mama on the Go Series. Make sure to head over to my Instagram to enter to win a wrap from Solly Baby, a dress of choice from Shabby Apple, and a brown or black Fawn Design bag!

Photos by: Liz Osban Photography






  1. Your maxi dress is beautiful I’m going to leave hints to my husband that I need this dress in my life. I also really like the fawndesign diaper bag. Of course I entered your giveaway on Instagram wish me luck user name @andersonsunshinee

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