Mama Must-Haves: Traveling

I am so excited to start this series because I feel like as moms we have to treat ourselves every once in awhile. Each month I will be sharing some of my favorites and then giving them away over on my Instagram. I thought I would start it out by sharing within one of my greatest passions in life: traveling. Traveling has always been so important to me even as a young girl. My parents made it a priority for us to travel somewhere each year as a family. Some of our best memories and times were while traveling and I want to give my children the same opportunities.

We are starting out 2018 already planning out our family trips so I thought what better than to share my favorites for traveling. Not all of these have to be just for moms but a couple can be huge life savers while taking a trip.

  1. Gigi Pip Baseball Caps – “Put a hat on it.” This is my mom-life motto most days but especially while traveling. I love Gigi Pip’s hats and own many of their styles but the baseball is favorite for traveling as it is easy to pack. Just a tip if you take a floppy hat, to stuff the inside, where your head goes, with clothes and set it on top of your clothing.
  2. Converse Slip-Ons – I love a good pair of comfortable shoes when traveling. I bought these about a year ago and I loved using them especially while flying because they were easy to slip on and off in the airport security. A plus is that they are super cute and can be worn all year-round.
  3. Travel Journal– Taking notes while you are traveling is important especially when traveling with kids. I like to look back before our next trip to see what things I made note of as far as things to take, not to take, any hacks I came up with etc. I also make notes of places we ate, things we did, just in case we travel to the same place again.
  4. Fawn Design Diaper Bag – If you have been following me for a while, you know my love for Fawn Design bags. I have been a huge fan of them since Emery was born and it is just about the only bag I use. This bag is the best for traveling because it is a backpack to keep your hands free, isn’t too large so I don’t overpack it, and has just the right amount of pockets to keep things organized. Its my most favorite bag to take as my carry-on when flying as its super convenient to carry and lightweight (if it’s not over-packed…).
  5. Wild Bird Sling – I carried Emery in a sling up until she was a little over 2. I loved using Wild Bird Slings while traveling because they were easy to “thread” before our trip so that when I needed to carry her, I could just slip it on, put her in it, and adjust, all within like a minute. It was quick & easy, light-weight to pack, and so nice to have if the stroller wasn’t convenient but we were going to be walking for awhile.
  6. Diff Eyewear Sunnies – I have owned many pairs of sunnies in my lifetime, but Diff Eyewear has been a favorite for awhile. I love that there are so many different styles and colors to choose from, they come with a nice case to keep them in, and they donate a pair of reading glasses with each pair sold to someone in need. I own a few different pairs, but the “Becky” style, shown above, has to be my favorite style so far!
  7. Water bottle – I own quite a few different water bottles but I love this one for traveling! It keeps my water cold the whole trip and comes with a straw!
  8. Madewell Transport Tote – I know I already shared about a bag I take while traveling, but believe it or not, I always take two bags! I use my Fawn Design for traveling there and back, but when we get to our destination, I usually like to unpack and just stick a couple things we need in a tote if we are just going out to dinner or a walk on the beach. This tote lays so nicely in a suitcase and is super light to take! It’s also made with real leather so it has held up great through lots of trips!
  9. Kid & Coe – This company is the best for families looking to find a “home away from home” while traveling. Kid & Coe has family friendly rental homes, condos, and apartments in over 50 different destinations around the world. I love that they are a kid-friendly home rentals as they make sure that the place has been inspected to accommodate families, has baby equipment included, and even books and toys!

I hope a few of these items can help you when thinking about any upcoming adventures with your family in 2018! Remember to make sure to check out my Instagram account for the travel giveaway including many of these companies!


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