Into Motherhood: Part II {Hospital Bag}

When I first packed my bags for the hospital with Adelyn, I basically took everything plus the kitchen sink. The second time around, with Emery, I learned not to take so much. Honestly, the hospital had everything I really needed, and there were just a few things that were nice to have that I packed. Some of the things I learned not to take were things like diapers, they have them there and use them so you don’t have to use the ones you already bought. Underwear – I know this is TMI, but really you just want to use and wear the mesh, granny panties they provide. And actually if you are able to, take a few pairs for when you go home for the coming weeks. No need to ruin your nice ones. I also overpacked on clothes for Adelyn the first time. Partly because I was just so excited to dress her in all her cute new outfits – I think I took almost 10 outfits, no joke. Wait, it gets even better. Not only did I not have the energy to dress her in any of her new outfits at the hospital, she ended up going home in a tee that read “I passed my hearing test”, that the hospital gave her. So much for the cute “going home” outfit that I bought. With Emery, I knew that I would be tired and not feel like trying on a bunch of cute outfits, so instead I took cute swaddles. But I did make sure she at least wore a cute outfit home!

Here are a few items I packed in my bag.

1 I love my Lily Jade diaper bag so much and was the diaper bag that I took to the hospital with Emery. You can read my full review here.

2 With both girls I made sure to take comfortable clothing and this sweatshirt is one of my favorites. I feel like the saying on it is a perfect “fit” for post-birth comfortables.

3 I used my Solly Wrap so much the first year with Emery. I started using it the day after Emery was born. It helps with that first skin-to-skin between mother and baby. It is also proven to help with postpartum depression. There is absolutely nothing better than feeling close to your newborn baby. One of tips is to start wearing your baby from day one because it does take practice and it allows your baby time to get use to being wrapped.

4 Finding a cute newborn outfit to dress them before going home is fun and I stated above, is necessary if you don’t want them going home in a hospital tee. I loved bringing Emery home in a GAP outfit and these crib moccasins.

5 For toiletries the second time around, I took the bare minimum – deodorant, cleansing face wipes, hand sanitizer, and chap stick. I love the Honest brand for all of these items. Obviously taking a brush is also needed and I love my detangling brush so much. It’s perfect to use on wet or dry hair.

6 Taking comfortable sweats or leggings is a good idea after giving birth. Seriously the thought of wearing jeans will make you cringe. I loved these high waist support leggings. They are incredibly comfortable and supportive – and I still wear them almost weekly!

7 With Adelyn, I stayed two nights at the hospital so dry shampoo was nice to use the second day.

8 I forgot lotion the first stay at the hospital and so with Emery I made sure to take some. I love this all over lotion because I can use it on baby or myself.

9 Socks. Nice comfortable socks was SO nice to have at the hospital to wear. Even better if they are cute like these ones. I could seriously buy every pair they sell.

10 & 11 I mentioned above that instead of taking a ton of outfits, that it is much easier to take cute swaddles to wrap your baby in. This way you can still take nice photos of your baby all wrapped like a cute little burrito and it saves you time/energy of getting them dressed. I love these and these swaddles.

So that is my hospital bag list. Other items I might suggest are taking a nice camera for photos or a Boppy if you are breastfeeding. Any items that you found as must-haves in your hospital bag?


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