A Party Animal Party

I can’t believe that my sweet Emery is TWO! I had the most fun planning her birthday party this year with the theme, “party animals”! I couldn’t have thought up a better one for her as she loves ALL animals and truly is my little “party animal”.

For her birthday I decided to have the party in the morning for a few reasons.

Reason 1: nap time – I have always planned an afternoon birthday party for the girls and kick myself every time as I realize that it’s right during their nap time, as well as other kids who attend the party. Most families show up late because their child was sleeping or leave early so their child can go nap. So this year I thought, “why not have it in the morning so kids don’t have to miss their nap!?”

Reason 2: a morning birthday party means breakfast/brunch. And honestly that is Emery’s favorite meal of the day so it seemed fitting for her party.

Chicken & waffles were a huge hit! I just stuck frozen Belgian waffles in the oven and ordered a tray of chicken from Chick- fil-a!

milk glasses / straws

When Emery’s friends arrived, they picked out a party hat to decorate however they would like! To make the party hats, I covered regular party hats from Target with kraft paper and hot glued a colored pom-pom on top made by Apricot Polka Dot. I laid out ribbon, stickers, markers, and washi tape for our guests to decorate their party hat! I then ordered these animal masks that they could wear it with their party hat!

I used this tutorial to make the party hats for the plastic animals!

For the party favors, I filled mason jars with animal crackers and printed out these tags to tie around the lid!

animal heads / woolie ball garland / felt party hats

Party Details:

 animal heads

woolie ball garland

honeycomb decor


 paper plates

pom-poms for party hats

felt party hats on animals 

plastic animals 

A huge thank you to my friend Mel, who made the amazing cake! She has made all of the girls’ birthday cakes and we joke that she is in it until their wedding day cake!

Happy Birthday Emery Jane! You are the silliest, sassiest and sweetest little girl and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you to the moon!


  1. I loved reading about Emery’s second birthday party, it turned out so beautiful!!! I love all of the pretty and simple details you put into it. I follow you on Instagram and loved checking out your blog now too!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment and for following! I really enjoyed putting this party together! XO

  2. Love this party!!! Couple of things: where did you find that two cake topper??? Also how did you make those mason jars with the colored animals! So adorable!!

    1. Hi! The cake topper is from the shop TOPS Malibu! And I just hot glued a plastic animal to the top of a mason jar and then spray painted them! Thanks so much for asking!

  3. Hi! This is so adorable and perfect,
    Love the inspiration. Will you tell share smallest-biggest sizes you used on the honeycombs.

    1. I honestly bought such a variety of sizes– I found the smallest size and just continued to buy a couple from every size until I got to the largest size. I bought about 2-3 from about half of the sizes and then about 4-6 from the other sizes. When it came to creating the wall I just started sticking them to the wall, I started with the largest ones first, and then filled in the spaces with the smaller ones. I hope that helps! I purchased quite a few of them from Amazon too!

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