Adelyn’s Mermaid Party

I still am pinching myself that I have a four-year-old. F O U R! We had so much fun celebrating her with a mermaid-themed party! She dreams of becoming a mermaid someday so just seeing her reaction to all of the decorations and her mermaid outfit was absolutely priceless.

Adelyn requested a party with lots of balloons and hotdogs and chocolate cake to eat– so that is exactly what we had. I hired a balloon twister, who was absolutely amazing and could make any character or animal the kids wanted. My dad grilled up some hotdogs and my amazing friend Mel, made her famous chocolate cake. Add in a some great friends and family, and we had an absolutely fun-filled day.

Adelyn was obsessed with her mermaid skirt and I had to beg her to take it off at the end of the night. I’m pretty sure she would wear it to bed every night if I let her. Recently, I caught her riding her bike in it–which goes to show you just how easy it is to move and play in it. I was so surprised to see how stretchy the skirt was, without losing the “mermaid look” of a skirt. Carken Design is kindly offering 20% off your next order with the code: HELLOTINYLOVE if you are in need of a mermaid skirt for your little girl OR even yourself! (Yes she makes adult sizes too!)

To complete her “mermaid look” she wore a coral tassel necklace from Gemma & Filo and a star crown from Willow Crowns. I loved how she matched the sweet little mermaid she received for her birthday.

Most of the shell-themed paper goods and party favors were from my friend, Hana’s shop – Hooray Everyday. Hana made all the little mermaids these fun woolie ball necklaces to add into their take-home bags. Hooray Everyday is my go-to shop for all things party and fun!

Other things that were in the party favor bags were these shell crowns I found on Etsy and I made starfish wands.

To make the starfish wands I bought these actual white starfish and these wooden dowels off of Amazon. I hot-glued the dowels to the starfish and then tied ribbons around the dowel. To secure the ribbon to the dowel, I just dabbed a little hot-glue on the back of the ribbon.

Her party decorations were simple but I think my favorite I have ever done. I filled large shells with flowers and spray painted a starfish light pink to all go on the dessert table. I also hung a large shell and put greenery around it to give it the effect of seaweed. I also found this “shell like” garland from the Land of Nod to hang on the table. I loved the color palette of it so much and knew I would reuse it in Adelyn’s room after the party. Last, I strung clear balloons with fishing wire and taped it to the wall to look like bubbles. I had so many questions on Instagram about how I made the seashell background. I bought this shell floaty from Target and spray painted it white! Super simple!

At the end of the day we asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said it was her chocolate cake. And I would have to agree. Not only was it absolutely delicious, but it was so fun to decorate. My friend Mel and I have a little team effort going on with the girls’ birthday cakes. She bakes and frosts them (the most important part) and then I get to decorate. To decorate it, I bought this cake topper and then made sea glass candy to create a fun “ocean rock” or “mermaid scale” effect. Thank you again Mel for always making my girls the BEST cakes for their birthday!

She went on to mention after saying her cake was her favorite part, that she made the best wish ever. “Mama, I wished to become the most beautiful mermaid someday!”

Adelyn Kay, may you always dream big dreams and absolutely never give up on them. May you also always remember that you are brave, brilliant, and beautiful. Happy four my love.


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