A Toddler Diaper Bag

I recently cleaned out my diaper bag and realized that things like pacifiers, 200 bibs, stale baby puffs, and teethings rings probably weren’t needed anymore. (Cue the tears)  The girls are only 21 months apart so I feel like I have always been packing a diaper bag for a baby. With Emery turning two next week, I can officially say that we are now packing a toddler diaper bag. And soon, very soon, I may not even need to pack diapers. So while repacking my bag, I thought it would be fun to share what I have found handy in our current toddler diaper bag.

Fawn Design diaper bag – Hands down the best diaper bag EVER. Loving the new spring colors, especially this color “bloom”!

Tote Savvy diaper bag insert – fits in just about any bag I own to add more pockets for organization

Annie’s Fruit Snacks & Pure Growth Organic Snacks – these snacks are our current favs to pack!

Ello water bottles for kids –  I love the size of these water bottles as it carries just enough water to get us through our errands. It is an open spout so Emery is still learning how to drink from it but is getting the hang of it without too many spills. This water bottle is also perfect for helping littles learn how to drink from a cup as well! It also locks which is helpful too!

sunglasses – These Anthropologie sunnies are a new favorite pair–and they are cheap!

Ready for Anything Pouch – this awesome little pouch can hold your cell, credit cards, lip gloss, check book, pen, etc.– honestly it’s a mom’s dream come true. If I am shopping sans kids, it’s nice to just run in with this so I don’t have to carry a huge bag in.

Spotted Zippered Pouch – Gimme ALL the cute pouches. A toddler diaper necessity.

Gotta Go Buffalo – cutest book ever. I love to always pack a small board book and switch it out for a new one every couple weeks. Books can usually buy me some extra time if we are somewhere with a wait like the  doctor’s office.

Tegu Magnetic Blocks – an easy and entertaining toy to pack.

Parasol Diapers – These have been a recent find but I am loving how absorbent they are and the most adorable prints!

Water Pure Wipes – I use wipes for more than just a diaper change– messy faces, spills, sticky hands, etc. These wipes are COMPLETELY chemical free, 99.9% water and .01% citrus extract. And I may add the softest wipes I have ever had experience with. These are wipes I don’t think twice about using to wipe messy faces or hands.

Tubby Todd Dream Cream – We live in a climate where we are constantly having to moisturize our hands. This dream cream is a favorite to pack for them and myself.

Gathre Changing Mat – the BEST leather changing mat ever! And this new floral print?!? LOVE!

I hope you can find some new favorites to pack in your diaper bag from this list!

What are you currently packing in your diaper bag??


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