Family Travel Guide: Copper Mountain

I am so excited to be writing this post to share such a fun location with you, Copper Mountain, Colorado. I can’t recommend a better place to go for a fabulous ski vacation with the family. Everything about this place accommodated both children and adults, and we can’t wait to plan our next trip! If you are planning your stay to Copper Mountain here are just a few tips and recommendations!

Where to Stay:

Copper Mountain’s lodging consists of East, Center, and West Village which are all near chairlifts, shops, restaurants, ski rentals etc. We stayed in Center Village which I would recommend as it has lodging that is the closest to many of the attractions of Copper Mountain. Most of our stay we were able to walk to restaurants and ski rentals, we just took the bus to the tubing hill & the the ski lifts. It was a very convenient location and we loved our condo/room. It had a living space, 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen. This kind of space was so nice to have with the girls and especially to hold all of our winter gear.

What to Do:

There is SO much to do on this mountain and we weren’t able to do everything, so we look forward to our next trip and checking the other things off our list. Here are some of the things we did:

Tubing Hill – Garth and Adelyn had so much fun tubing together. I can’t wait to join next time when I’m not 7 months pregnant…Emery will be able to go next year too! (children must be at least 36 inches)

Critterland – The girls had a blast playing in Critterland! There is little slide, forts to hide in, and a machine operated tubing carousel that pushes them in a circle while they sit in a tube. Emery loved this and it helped her feel like she got to ride in a tube since she couldn’t go down the hill quite yet.

Youth Skiing Lessons – Adelyn was so excited to go skiing for the first time! While Garth went snowboarding, we took her to ski lessons! We had so much fun watching her learn with her classmates as they rode up a little “magic carpet” and then down on their own. She did fantastic for her first time and can’t wait to go again. I suggest that if you are getting rentals for your child, to do it the night before as it does save time in the morning. The lessons begin at 9:00 and you want them to arrive early to meet their instructor. It just saves you the feeling of being rushed in the morning– especially if your child might be a little nervous. If your children are in ski lessons, its a great way for you to be able to hit the slopes too! Lessons begin at the age of 3, but they also have child care available if you have younger children!

Woodward Copper – The day we went tubing in the morning, we decided to try to find something inside as the girls were ready to be out of the cold. We called the Woodward Copper, which was just blocks away from where we were staying, and they had an opening to take the girls for “private lessons” in tumbling, jumping, etc. Woodward Copper is an indoor training facility with skateparks, Olympic-grade trampolines, foam pit jumps, etc. The girls had a blast playing and we had even more fun watching them. It was a great place to go to get out of the cold and for them to burn some energy off!

Our next trip we want to make sure to:

Ice Skate!

Rocky Mountain Roller Coaster – a 5,800 coaster that takes you through the mountains (one of the longest in North America) and it runs year round!

Where to Eat:

We did not have a bad meal at Copper Mountain…and in fact the food might have been our favorite part about this trip. Here are a few places we ate at during our stay:

Camp Hale – Perfect place to grab hot cocoa after going tubing

Toast & Co – this was probably my favorite restaurant because not only was the food great, but the atmosphere as well. The decor and ambience of the place was so neat, as were the pancakes which convinced us to eat here more than once. I also loved the acai bowl as well as the banana bread French toast. The perfect cozy place to eat breakfast or brunch!

Mahi’s Street Tacos – This was another restaurant that we ate at twice because it was SO good. Hands down the best taco salad I have ever had. And I am pretty sure Garth would say the same about his tacos. (His favorite were the Alaskan Wild Pollock tacos) This fun lunch spot was next to where we were staying, so we loved doing something fun in the morning, picking up lunch to bring back to our room, and settling in for a nap in the afternoon.

A-Lift Pizza – The atmosphere wasn’t the best but the pizza definitely made up for it! I am a true pizza lover and this place made it in my top 5 of the best pizza I have had! SO so good! (Make sure to get the cheese sticks too!)

Casa Sanchez – A great dinner place to go for some amazing Mexican food!

Mountain Top Cookie & Crepe Stand – This might be the winner of the best place we ate because we went every single night after dinner. I have traveled to France and eaten authentic crepes and this place might have been just as good, if not better.  I will warn you, they are HUGE, and we would all share one crepe for dessert. (The chocolate, banana, peanut butter, and strawberry was our favorite one!)

Sugar Lips Mini Donuts – Do not leave the mountain without trying these. Better yet, make sure you get some for breakfast and then go back in the evening for dessert donuts (they serve them with ice cream!) Freshly made to order and they seriously just melt in your mouth! (My mouth is watering just writing this) The only thing I would recommend is taking them back to your room as there isn’t much seating inside. I loved the strawberry/Nutella combo and the girls loved the chocolate and sprinkles!

City Pop Gourmet Popcorn & Candy – Before we headed back home, we stopped here to let the girls pick out some candy! This place was definitely not a disappointment in their book!

There were many other restaurants we didn’t make it to, so I recommend taking a look at their site to see all the others they offer too!

Our visit to Copper Mountain did not disappoint and we are so excited to go back. This place quickly became a yearly place for us to visit as we loved everything this cozy mountain town had to offer. If you are looking for a fun-filled, family-friendly, and fantastic-food ski vacation, than Copper Mountain is just the place for you!

Also! If skiing isn’t your thing…they offer a ton of fun activities in the summer too including a zip line, hydrobikes, bumper boats, bungee trampoline, go karts, and mini golf just to name a few!

Valentine’s Day Through the Years

When the girls celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together as sisters, I came up with the idea to set up a little studio in our dining room and have some Valentine’s Day photos done of them just for fun! I didn’t really think it would be become a tradition, but I am so glad having their photos taken for Valentines has become a yearly thing! It’s so fun to see how much they change each year and who doesn’t love a photo shoot with hearts, a dash of pink, and/or a little frill?!?

So here are some of my favorites taken throughout the last 3 years–Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day 2016

Look at those sweet chubby hands and round face!

Photos by: Liz Osban

Valentine’s Day 2017

Photos by: Liz Osban

Outfits & Shoes

This is kind of fun, but we used the same location for the photos in 2017 & 2018. It use to just be an empty space that people would rent for events but then it turned into more of a restaurant the following year!

Valentine’s Day 2018

Photos by: Kathleen Peachey

Dresses from The Borrowed Boutique 

I can’t wait for next year in adding a sweet little BOY to our Valentine’s Day photos!
Hope you all have a day filled with lots of LOVE!


27 & 28 Week Bumpdate

(We lost the number seven so I had to improvise…)

27 & 28 Bumpdate

Due Date: April 25th

How far along: currently 29 weeks (yes, I am a bit behind…)

Size of baby: size of large eggplant

Total weight gain: About 19 pounds

Maternity clothes:

I will have a post hopefully up next week of some really great finds! I’ve been loving everything from Bae The Label!!

Stretch marks: yes! So many after three babies! Gotta love those tiger stripes! I have one area on my belly that has hurt for weeks. It just feels like its pulling and stretching all the time. Putting a little pressure on it is the only thing that seems to help. I never had this with the girls of just one area on my belly. Any suggestions?

Sleep: Becoming a little more difficult…still loving this pillow!

Best moment of the week: Going to Copper Mountain for some R&R with the fam bam!

Miss anything: being able to workout – even walking has me more winded and cramping

Movement: yes, all day long!

Food cravings: eggs and toast, cereal, oranges, chocolate

Anything making you queasy or sick: Long car trips and if I smell something that stinks

Have you started to show yet: Oh yea!

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs: Nope.

Belly button in or out: out-ish

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to:  Arizona next month! I need some vitamin D! So sick of the snow!

New Favorites for Baby + Mama

Today I am excited to be sharing a few new favorite items for both mama and baby! With the arrival of our new little one in April, It has been fun learning and finding new baby products! The last time I had a baby was almost 3 years ago, so it’s fun to see all the new things they have come out with since then!

I received a fun box in the mail containing a few items for baby and a couple treats for mama!

First up – Oball, a ball that little ones can easily grasp because of the fun holes in it. The girls were so excited when I opened it because they said they couldn’t wait to give it to baby brother. I don’t think they realize that he is not going to arrive ready to throw and catch a ball, but with some time this will be the perfect toy for them to play with him. The ball is flexible, comes in bright colors and can be the perfect tactile experience for any little one!

A favorite baby food brand that I discovered when Emery was a baby was Beech-Nut. I loved that they carried organic baby food at a reasonable price and she was always a fan of the flavors! I will definitely be using Beech-Nut again with this baby as they only use the highest-quality ingredients, and cook them in the fewest possible steps to keep the nutrients. I believe it’s so good to start children off with clean foods so that it helps them develop a love for it as they grow and Beech-Nut does just this.

What helps with clean-up with baby food clean up? Baby wipes! And I have to tell you, Bloom Baby wipes are were it’s at! This is a brand that I wasn’t familiar with until now but I am so impressed with the quality of them and will definitely be using them for baby boy– as well as the girls for helping clean messy faces and hands. I love that they are sensitive baby wipes because my girls have always had such sensitive skin (so I am assuming this baby will too) and always break out from certain brands of wipes. I have to be fairly picky when it comes to wipes and so far just using them on the girls faces and hands, they haven’t had any reactions.

I also love that they are created with an all-natural formula of organic plant-derived vitamins. They are the largest baby wipes I have even used, so I don’t have to use like 10 wipes for one clean-up. Believe me, you will be impressed with how much larger and better these wipes are than most.

Last but not least, a couple products for the mama because we all know that you need to treat yo’ self every now and again. These skin products are just like spa-quality, and my face feels amazing after each use. I have had the worse time with my face being so dry this pregnancy but these Vichy products have helped so much! The Vichy’s Aqualia Riche Moisturizing Cream can actually give your skin 48 hours of hydration and I am loving the Minéral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Daily Booster because it has made my skin a million times softer and supposedly gives it a plump — which if it is true, these tired eyes totally need that. Vichy offers a range of skin care products for any type of skin using Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water from the French Volcanoes! This water strengthens skin against things such as pollution and stress! I highly recommend these products as a treat for your skin as the quality is very evident after just a couple uses!

I hope your able to find any these baby or mama products helpful the next time you are looking for a recommendation for baby toys, food, wipes or even mama skin care!

This post is sponsored by Babble Boxx. All opinions are completely my own and I only share companies/brands that I love and know you will too! 

25 & 26 Bumpdate

25 & 26 Bumpdate

Due Date: April 25th

How far along: currently 28 weeks today (yes, I am a bit behind…)

Size of baby: head of a cauliflower about 2 pounds, 14 1/2 inches

Total weight gain: Goodness I don’t even know anymore. Who gets on a scale when they are pregnant??

Maternity clothes:

I have some really fun maternity clothing posts coming soon! I however just bought a few items for our trip to the mountains next week from Nordstroms!

I bought this tunic in the colors Grey Pearl Heather and Jade. You can’t beat the $39 price tag either!

I also got this cashmere tunic in Dark Grey Heather but wish I would have gotten the Pink Smoke color too! It’s also 30% off too!

I’m excited to try this maternity hoodie! It looks so comfortable!

These SPANX maternity leggings had great reviews so I will let you know how I like them! I plan on getting up a favorite maternity legging post soon!

I also thought I would give these jeans a try!

Stretch marks: yes! I will be sharing an oil mix that I made next week! I absolutely love it!

Sleep: Becoming a little more difficult…still loving this pillow!

Best moment of the week: Finally being done with work and going on a little family trip last week!

Miss anything: not maternity related, but my long hair! I am growing it out again but why does it seem like it takes years to finally get back to a long length!

Movement: yes, all day long!

Food cravings: dried mango, BLT’s, cheeseburgers, avocados, cereal, chocolate chip cookies…I feel like my cravings change almost every week!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Well I found out last week that long car drives make me so sick. I asked some of my followers on Instagram for tips and I plan on putting most of them into action next week on our trip up the mountain!

Have you started to show yet: YES!

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs: Nope.

Belly button in or out: out-ish

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to:  Our trip to the mountains and nesting/organzing!

Cutest tees and onesie from Swanky Shank

A Winter Season Favorite: Carmex Lip Balm

This is a sponsored post in paid collaboration with Carmex.

What is one item that can always be found in your purse or diaper bag? Mine? Lip balm and lotion. Okay, so that’s two, but we live in SUCH a dry climate that has our family constantly seeking some kind of moisturizer. I am excited to be partnering with Carmex® to share with you a few different options to help keep your lips looking luscious during this dry season.

It may be cold outside, but you can usually find our family finding something fun to do in the snow. Whether it’s outside building a snowman, or going snowmobiling, we love to take advantage of the weather and have some fun. I like to be prepared for chapped lips this time of year, so I usually stick a lip balm in everyone’s coat pockets. I love the Carmex® Comfort Care, especially for the girls, as it’s made with natural ingredients. It’s formulated with colloidal oatmeal, beeswax, and cupuacu butter and contains antioxidant-rich fruit seed oil to help provide hydration. The Mixed Berry is my favorite as it is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors! Emery is obsessed with lip balm right now so I feel better letting her use this natural choice as she re-applies almost every 5 minutes.

Another product we use a lot this time of year is the Carmex® Daily Care. We are heading to the mountains next weekend, and I always want to make sure our lips are protected especially at a high elevation. When we ski, we always make sure to use sunscreen on our face, but it is just as important to use an SPF on our lips! The Carmex® Daily Care contains a SPF 15 to help with sun protection as well as helping to keep them moisturized. I love the fun flavors it comes in too: Wintergreen (my favorite), Winter Mint, Strawberry, and Cherry.

The last product I want to share with you may come in handy if you are one to catch a cold and are one of the “lucky ones” to also get a cold sore outbreak. A cold sore can be so painful and uncomfortable; but with Carmex® Cold Sore Treatment it can not only help minimize the appearance of the cold sore, but help with any cracking, itching, dryness, or pain. It’s always a great a idea to keep this on hand just in case anyone in your family gets one during cold season!

Lip balm may be needed more during the winter months, but I believe it’s just as important to keep our lips feeling hydrated and protected all-year-round. I hope you are able to find any of these products helpful whether it’s from just needing a lip moisturizer, protection from the sun, or treatment for a cold sore outbreak— Carmex® has your lips covered!

Photo Credit: Kathleen Peachey Photography 

Mama Must-Haves: Traveling

I am so excited to start this series because I feel like as moms we have to treat ourselves every once in awhile. Each month I will be sharing some of my favorites and then giving them away over on my Instagram. I thought I would start it out by sharing within one of my greatest passions in life: traveling. Traveling has always been so important to me even as a young girl. My parents made it a priority for us to travel somewhere each year as a family. Some of our best memories and times were while traveling and I want to give my children the same opportunities.

We are starting out 2018 already planning out our family trips so I thought what better than to share my favorites for traveling. Not all of these have to be just for moms but a couple can be huge life savers while taking a trip.

  1. Gigi Pip Baseball Caps – “Put a hat on it.” This is my mom-life motto most days but especially while traveling. I love Gigi Pip’s hats and own many of their styles but the baseball is favorite for traveling as it is easy to pack. Just a tip if you take a floppy hat, to stuff the inside, where your head goes, with clothes and set it on top of your clothing.
  2. Converse Slip-Ons – I love a good pair of comfortable shoes when traveling. I bought these about a year ago and I loved using them especially while flying because they were easy to slip on and off in the airport security. A plus is that they are super cute and can be worn all year-round.
  3. Travel Journal– Taking notes while you are traveling is important especially when traveling with kids. I like to look back before our next trip to see what things I made note of as far as things to take, not to take, any hacks I came up with etc. I also make notes of places we ate, things we did, just in case we travel to the same place again.
  4. Fawn Design Diaper Bag – If you have been following me for a while, you know my love for Fawn Design bags. I have been a huge fan of them since Emery was born and it is just about the only bag I use. This bag is the best for traveling because it is a backpack to keep your hands free, isn’t too large so I don’t overpack it, and has just the right amount of pockets to keep things organized. Its my most favorite bag to take as my carry-on when flying as its super convenient to carry and lightweight (if it’s not over-packed…).
  5. Wild Bird Sling – I carried Emery in a sling up until she was a little over 2. I loved using Wild Bird Slings while traveling because they were easy to “thread” before our trip so that when I needed to carry her, I could just slip it on, put her in it, and adjust, all within like a minute. It was quick & easy, light-weight to pack, and so nice to have if the stroller wasn’t convenient but we were going to be walking for awhile.
  6. Diff Eyewear Sunnies – I have owned many pairs of sunnies in my lifetime, but Diff Eyewear has been a favorite for awhile. I love that there are so many different styles and colors to choose from, they come with a nice case to keep them in, and they donate a pair of reading glasses with each pair sold to someone in need. I own a few different pairs, but the “Becky” style, shown above, has to be my favorite style so far!
  7. Water bottle – I own quite a few different water bottles but I love this one for traveling! It keeps my water cold the whole trip and comes with a straw!
  8. Madewell Transport Tote – I know I already shared about a bag I take while traveling, but believe it or not, I always take two bags! I use my Fawn Design for traveling there and back, but when we get to our destination, I usually like to unpack and just stick a couple things we need in a tote if we are just going out to dinner or a walk on the beach. This tote lays so nicely in a suitcase and is super light to take! It’s also made with real leather so it has held up great through lots of trips!
  9. Kid & Coe – This company is the best for families looking to find a “home away from home” while traveling. Kid & Coe has family friendly rental homes, condos, and apartments in over 50 different destinations around the world. I love that they are a kid-friendly home rentals as they make sure that the place has been inspected to accommodate families, has baby equipment included, and even books and toys!

I hope a few of these items can help you when thinking about any upcoming adventures with your family in 2018! Remember to make sure to check out my Instagram account for the travel giveaway including many of these companies!


23 & 24 Week Bumpdate

This pregnancy is flying! I can’t believe I am down to like 15ish weeks left! I came across an article on old wives tales and gender prediction and some of it was kind of interesting on how it’s worked with my last three pregnancies. The heartbeat has always been right on as they say a boy is usually less than 140 and a girl higher than 140. The girls were always right at 160 and the first time I heard this baby’s heartbeat it was at 140 which was quite a bit lower than the usual 160 that I was used to hearing with my last 2 pregnancies. Every time they would check the heartbeat before we found out the gender of this baby it was always right around 140 and even 130 at one appointment.

Another thing that has been spot on with all three pregnancies has been the Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar that you can find online. It said girl the last two pregnancies and boy this time too! I know these things aren’t always accurate but they are kind of fun to see how close they can come to guessing the gender!Here is something I filled out on this pregnancy to see how close it was to predicting. Most questions I could go either way but for the most part it was pretty spot on for BOY!

23 & 24 Bumpdate

Due Date: April 25th

How far along: 25 weeks (yes, I am a bit behind…)

Size of baby: 12 inches and 1 1/3 pounds, current status is the size of a ear of corn

Total weight gain: I haven’t gotten on the scale recently but I’m sure its somewhere around 12-14

Maternity clothes:

just bought these and these jeans and I am LOVING them! They also come in tall which is awesome as I’ve been struggling at finding long enough jeans. (I am 5’9″ for reference)

Also bought these items:


simple black dress (can be used for nursing too)

perfect dress for maternity or nursing

We are also going on a few trips before baby and I need a swimsuit so I bought this one!

Stretch marks: yes! More by each week… using cream for them!

Sleep: Awesome thanks to this pillow!

Best moment of the week: Garth finally being able to feel the baby move, buying baby boy a bear snowsuit, and making it to the 3 day weekend!

Miss anything: over easy eggs… I crave them everyday!

Movement: yes, the most at night or after I eat!

Food cravings: eggs, toast with jam, cereal, avocados, (anything breakfast food related or nothing too sweet)

Anything making you queasy or sick: No! Thank goodness we are past that!

Have you started to show yet: YES! Feeling huge with 15 more weeks to go!

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs: Nope.

Belly button in or out: in, but making its way out soon I think!

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to:  One more week of work before I am off until late summer! I can’t wait to spend time with my family and get ready for baby!

 I’m curious! How close were the old wives tale gender predictors close to predicting what your baby was? Leave me a comment below sharing your stories!

21 & 22 Week Bumpdate

jean jacket // leggings // boots (on sale!) // hat

the girls’ nightgowns 

21 & 22 Bumpdate

Due Date: April 25th

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: 11 inches and almost a pound, current status is the size of a spaghetti squash

Total weight gain: 9 lbs.

Maternity clothes:

loving these leggings paired with a dress and jean jacket 

Stretch marks: yes! Loving this cream for them!

Sleep: Awesome thanks to this pillow!

Best moment of the week: Starting Christmas break today! Almost 2 weeks off from work is just what I need!

Miss anything: Being able to work out without getting so winded

Movement: yes all day long!

Food cravings: Looking forward to lots of holiday meals and parties. Nothing sweet just all the potatoes and cheese is what I crave! Again, this little boy makes me want ALL the carbs.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Taking my multi-vitamins and still having some sickness at night

Have you started to show yet: Yep! Adelyn is always worried that the baby is going to “break me”.

Gender: BOY!

Labor signs: Nope.

Belly button in or out: in

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to:  All the festivities for Christmas this weekend!

maternity jeans

boots (on sale too!)

Stocking Stuffer Guide for Kids

I always have so much fun picking out what’s going to go in the girls stockings each year! I’ve rounded up my favorites all from small shops! I hope you are able to find any last minute ideas below!


1. London Littles – I realize that boots may not be small enough to fit in your child’s stocking but they would look so cute sitting beside it or under the tree. To say my girls are obsessed with rain boots is an understatement. It’s honestly what they wear every single day. Why? They look cute with every outfit, they can put them on themselves, and they are perfect in rain, snow, and sunshine! They have the cutest prints for both boys and girls (the pink polka is my favorite) and are functional all year round, these London Littles boots would make the perfect gift for Christmas this year! Use code: tiny love for 15% off your order through the end of this year!

2. Baby Lit Books – These are the best books for introducing your little to classic literature. Our first Baby Lit book was Pride and Prejudice and I still remember reading to Adelyn when she was a baby hoping that someday she would read the actual classic and love it just as much as I do. Baby Lit makes has some of the best classics for Christmas including, The Nutcracker and The Christmas Carol, and would make the best stocking stuffers! Other favorites include, The Secret Garden, Alice & Wonderland, and Romeo and Juliet.

3. Bla Bla Kids – If the girls had any stuff animal that they are completely attached to it’s always been a Bla Bla animal. I don’t mind a bit because they make the cutest accessory on their bed and aren’t an eye sore like other stuff animals can be. Made by hand from Peru’s artisans and 100% cotton/made from natural fibers! I can’t get over how cute and unique each one is and they make the perfect stuffer to peak out from your child’s stocking this year!

4. Shop Bitte – I love, love, love cute curated small shops and Shop Bitte is one that I wish I could buy one of everything. The best thing about curated shops is that you are able to shop items that are made from many different shops and can find things for both boys and girls. These adorable wooden cameras come in many different colors and are the perfect size for your child’s stocking. Shop Bitte has many other stocking stuffer options on their site as well! Make sure to go take a look here!

5. Hide + Seek – Finding shades I love for the girls can be tricky until I found the company Hide + Seek. They carry the cutest frames and colors of sunglasses for both girls and boys! I love that they are reasonably priced and higher quality than most sunglasses for kids. I think sunglasses make the best stocking stuffers because they are something the girls wear all year round! AND these shades come in the best packaging with a zippered clear case and pom keychain attached! Perfect for sticking in your suitcase for your next trip!

6. Ryan & Wren – If the girls could choose what goes into their hair each day, it would be a Ryan & Wren clip. Why? Because they can snap it in themselves and they love picking out the color to match their outfit for the day. (the glitter ones are their fav) If you haven’t taken a peak at Ryan & Wren, you need to. SO many choices of colors all made with leather in the perfect shape and size to keep those bangs pulled back! Choose a set of 5 to make the cutest stocking filler this year for your little girl!

7. Gemma & Filo – Adelyn wore a Gemma & Filo necklace with her mermaid outfit on her 4th birthday, and since then we have been just in love with everything that Gemma & Filo makes. From the gorgeous and unique tassel necklaces, to the delicate and dainty charm necklaces, I know the girls would love to have one of each. What makes Gemma & Filo stand out from just any other children’s jewelry shop is the quality (can’t be broken easily), how the tassel necklaces have a magnetic clasp to make it easy for kids to put on themselves, and the style of each piece. Gemma & Filo is currently closed for Christmas but you can use the code: hellotinylove for 20% off when they reopen to snag all and any piece of jewelry you made have had your eye on for your little girl!

8. Petit Collage – Adelyn & Emery are really into puzzles right now and Petit Collage makes the most adorable ones for both girls and boys. Butterflies, mermaids, bunnies, and princesses are just a few that they have. They come in many different sizes and the illustrations on the puzzles that make it fun for your little to put together! I absolutely love the ones that come in the metal tins that can be then used as a piggy bank as well!

9. June & January – The words affordable and cute are like music to every mother’s ears when it comes to clothing. That is exactly what June & January is. I am LOVING their new pjs and think they would make the most festive pajamas to wear not only at Christmas but truly all year round. I like sticking a pair of pjs in the girls stockings each year and plan on putting in a pair from J&J!

10. Tubby Todd – I have been using Tubby Todd’s lotion, bubble bath and shampoo, on the girls for a couple years and we are HUGE fans. The dream cream has helped Emery’s skin so much and we can’t get enough of every single scent they release. I am also a sucker for good packaging and love seeing what Tubby Todd comes up with next on pretty/fun packaging on every product! Definitely a great stocking stuffer for all! (Even adults)

Head over to Instagram to win something from every company mentioned above! Worth over $400 in goodies for your child’s stocking!